Monday, April 26, 2010

Department of justice and FBI Officials Consider Resigning

Under President Bush, Several senior DOJ and FBI officials considered resigning after the Presidential Authorization was signed without Department of Justice concurrence. Comey told the DOJ OIG that he drafted a letter of resignation because he believed it was impossible for him to remain with DOJ if the President would do something DOJ said was not legally supportable. Comey also testified that Ashcroft's Chief of Staff David Ayers believed Ashcroft also was likely to resign with him
Goldsmith told the DOJ OIG he drafted a resignation letter at around the same time as Comey according to his contemporaneous notes, Goldsmith cited the "shoddiness"of the prior OLC legal review
the "over -secrecy" of the PSP , and the "shameful" incident at the hospital as among his grievances.

At approximately 1:30 a.m, on March 12,2004, FBI Director Mueller drafted by hand a letter stating in part:[A]fther reviewing the plain language of the FISA statue, and the order issued yesterday by the President..... and in the absence of further clarification of the legality of the  program from the Attorney General, I am forced to withdraw the FBNI from participation in the program

Now my question is who in the FBI keep this program going? 

Further should the President order the continuation of the FBI's participation in the program, and in the absence of further legal advice from AG, I would would be constrained to resign as  Director of the FBI' Muller told the DOJ OIG that he planned on having the letter typed and then tendering it, but based on subsequent events his resignation was not necessary.

In written responses to Senator Charles Schumer following his testimony, Comey wrote that he believed that several were prepared to resign.   

There a lot that go on behind close door, and have a way of coming into the light 

Unclassified Report on the President's Surveillance Program

This is when the other hand dose not, know what the other hand is doing unbelievable

White House Counsel Certifies Presidential Authorization without Department of Justice Agreement

On the morning of March11,2004 with the Presidential authorization set to expire, President Bush signed a new authorization for the President's Surveillance Program. in a departure from the past practice of having the Attorney General certify  the authorizations a form and legality, the March11, Authorization was certified by the White House Counsel Gonzales. The March authorization also differed markedly from prior authorization three other respects. it explicitly asserted that the President's exercise of his Article II Commander-in Chief authority displaced any contrary provisions of law, including clarified the description of certain Other Intelligence Activities being conducted under the PSP to address question regarding whether such activities had actually been authorized explicitly in prior authorizations. It also stated that approving the prior Presidential Authorizations as to form and legality, the Attorney General previously had authorized the same activities now being approved under the March 11, Authorization

White House Chief of staff informed Comey by telephone on the morning of March11, 2004, that the President had signed the new Authorization that morning. at approximately noon, Gonzales called Goldsmith to inform him that President, in issuing the Authorization, had made an interpretation of law concerning his authorities and that department of justice should not contradiction of the President's determinations
Also at noon on March 11, Director Mueller met with Card at the White House. According to Mueller notes, Card told Mueller that if no "legislative fix" could be found by May6,2004, when the March 22, Authorization was set to expire, the program would discontinued.

The Department of justice and OIG determined that this statement subsequently was removed from future authorization after Ashcroft complained to Gonzales that the statement was inappropriate " In May 20, 2004 memorandum, Ashcroft wrote that it was until Philbin and later Goldsmith explained to him that aspects of NSA's Other Intelligence Activities were not not accurately described in the prior authorizations that he realized that he had been certifying the authorizations prior to March 2004 based on a misimpression of those activities.

Mueller wrote that he told Card that the failure to have the Department of justice representation at the congressional briefing and the attempt to have Ashcroft certify the authorization without going through Comey" gave the strong perception that the {White House}  was trying to do an end run around the acting [ Attorney General] whom they knew to have some serious concerns as to the legality of portions of the program" Card responded that he and Gonzales were unaware at the time of the hospital visit that Comey was the acting attorney general, and that they had only been following the direction of the President.   

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Criminal Justice And the Rule of Law

Entrapment-The Defense that the Individual was Induced by the Police to Commit a Criminal Act.
Is a defense that may be used to show lack of Intent. the Law excuses a defendant when it is shown that government agents have induced the person to commit a offense,  that dose not mean that the police may not use a undercover Agents, - to set a trap for criminals- But the entrapment defense act is to encourage a criminal act

The defense of entrapment has evolved though a series of count decisions in this century. in earlier times judges were less concerned with whether the police had baited a citizen into committing an illegal act they were more concerned if the citizen had taken the bait, Now  when the police investigate a crime or implant the idea for a crime in the mind of a person who then commits the offense
entrapment has occurred , entrapment raises tough question for a judges who must decide whether the police went to far  toward making a case occur that otherwise would not have happened

that the  key questions a community need to be asking!

The Supreme Court Stressed that the prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that  a defendant was predisposed to break the law before he or she was approached by an government agents


So who is changing the laws and the rule that was put in place, is our own government above the law?
and if so what dose this mean for our children, what would this world look like without law? without trust in the people we put in power, are we going backward in time?    
The Magna Carta.singed by England "s King John in 1215, is the first written guarantee of due process
it established the principle that persons must be arrested and tried according to the processes outlined

Not Generate

Friday, April 9, 2010

Unclassified Report on the Presidents Survellance Program

This is what happen when fear kick in and intelligence go out the window,

Under President Bush who put this program together  subsequent to 9/11 with  Components of the Department of Justice (DOJ, the FBI, Office of Legal Counsel, (OLC) provide advice to the White House and the Attorney General  and other body of agencies.

The Attorney General at that time had many concern, about how the Presidents was conducting this new
 PSP program activities and  other department in the week following 9/11 2001
which required the Inspectors General of Intelligence Community agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of the program. the review required to be conducted under the act was to examine:

(A) all of the fact necessary to describe the establishment, implementation, product, and the use of the product of the program;

(B) access to the reviews of the program and access to information about the program

(C) communication with, and participation individuals and entities in private sector related to the program

(D)  interaction with foreign intelligence surveillance court and  transition to court orders related to the program

(E) any other matters identified by any such inspector general that would enable that inspector general to complete a review of the program, with respect to such department or element

Now people let me tell you it a must read, to find out what happened behind close door I will post little by little to give you as must information as I can, cause now they have to undo what been done by our own government, they must fix the unjust  that being done and have been done,  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Passes of Resolution supporting review of terror prosecutions

We March with Albany Muslim Solidarity Committee which is run  by Lynne Jackson and Attorney Stephen Downs and other member in their community who came together when Yassin Aref & Mohammed Hossain was arrests in a government operations and was charges with terrorism, this group of citizen came together to help the wife's and children  regarding  issues that arise when a husband is absent and the economic turmoil. they are doing a wonderful job working on the issues around Muslim attack in our communities run by our own government

Families from several area, , Newburgh , New Jersey Brooklyn, Cherry hill and Maryland, and organization came to show that there are crime being done by our Federal Government, and we will stand as one and bring attention to these issues that have affect us as a whole, And how the FBI Sting is having a impact on our live
 We still have a long way to go, and this is one of our first victory to speck to the Common Council in Albany and tell them our stories. and why there should be a Resolution for Preemptive Prosecution, which was introduced under President Bush Administration,Which now need to be revitalize by President Obama Administration

The Resolution was introduced by Council members Dominick Calsolarso, Ronald Conti, Catherine Fahey, Anton Knoev, Jame Sano, Barbra Smith,Michael O Brein, and Lester Freeman

Under the preemptive prosecutions program hundreds of Muslims all over the country, and even American who become Muslims while incarcerate, that have been prosecuted and convicted. to preemptive them from committing crimes in the future, if people are being prosecuted before they commit  a crime, and with the use of Confidential Informant . there is substantial danger that innocent people will be convicted, who had no intention of every breaking the law
Council Member Dominick Calsolarso declaration was . We showed that the impact of the Federal Government Sting, affects a community, people came to Albany Common Council to seek help on these issues
It was pass, we still have a lot of  work to do on these issue that affect a nation. not just a community we have to stand and not be move by our own government. and  turnaround the injustice that has been commit

(Thank to Attorney Stephen Downs who put the Resolution together)

Liberty and Justice for all


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Personal Stories of Preemptive

First I would like to thank the Sponsors that put this event together, NYU-National Lawyers Guild,WESPAC,Middle Eastern Students Association, Law Students for Human Rights, Project SALAM Muslim Solidarity Committee, NYU Law ACLU, Muslim Graduate Student Group,

For families who have been effected by the Patriot Act & the Justice Department Ill Treatment
and the impact it have had , On those left behind to deal with the after effected with family member Incarceration. each individual stories was beyond belief to here, heart felt through out the room

I was amaze of the out come of this event, with the fear factor surround these 's Governments Cases of entrapment and the various people who came  out to hear our stories. I myself was flabbergast at the other families member stories, along with my family storied

It was not about who could be more communicative or more talkative, it was about the issues at hand what been going on in communities . the miscarriage of justice Post 9/11 and the fictional FBI stings

And the Misuse of Agents Provocateur. Under this New Law Preemptive Prosecution which in November 2001, came into effect by Dick Cheney his 1% doctrine -if there is just a 1 percent of the unimaginable coming due , act it is a certainly! which has become so doubled minded in our case and the case in Albany because they sent  the same informant into a community to seek out individual and created criminal  behavior
That forfeit's the right of individual, the Government is going mad. this what happen when you give people to much power, they go dame Crazies, and the sad part is under the atmosphere of fear and hysteria. to the point that people can not open their eye let along there mind

To what taking place here and other area in the U.S, As we can see their activities differ in scope and purpose. to achieve their goals of doing injustice within our communities

After the Civil War, three amendments were added to the Constitution.  these amendments were designed to protect individuals rights against infringement by state & local government officials.the Fourteenth amendment, ratified 1868, barred state from violating people right to Due Process of law. it sates that No State shall.... deprive any person life liberty, or property without due process of law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws; These rights to due process and equal protection served as a basis for protecting individuals from abusive action by local criminal
justice officials,

So who change the Law and the Rules, I for one do not want to feel like my Government has set up the framework with Criminal  acts that are being Committed, A New Mafia that can do Activities Illegal 

What System will hold them accountable,  

I am hoping that the Government appoint a special prosecutor to re-view all Preemptive Prosecutor cases in order that will separate and dismiss the fake cases, ( in which the defendants were framed, and the uses of agents provocateur)  

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Laughing is over

The Media and Newspaper have had their laugh and joke about  the Newburgh Four, Now that the laughing and joking is over. let take a look at these men existing on the fringes of society

There are some new and old Federal Programs being created  or re-created to help those who are returning home. for example Laquerre Payen, who got lost with our system once he re-enter back into society
Corrections  or the institutions he left should have emphasize his need by developing a individual re-entry plan which would have systemically link him to service's and mental health treatment

Reentry Policy Council speck about charting the safe & successful return of prisoners to community
change in cultures of criminal Justice & health and human services working with organization so that
administrators of these entities recognize the safe and successful return of individuals coming back to their communities from which they came from

So what happened with these man? where was the parole officers?
State and local government authority must work with other agencies and organization to formulate better protocol

that must be tailored to account for individuals risk and need. while they are incarcerated, to prepare them for re-entering back home. it look like time spend in jail or prison should be center around treatment and education & training

Friday, March 5, 2010

The CLEAR Project at CUNY School of Law

CLEAR, Stand for ( Creating, Law, Enforcement, Accountability, & Responsibility)
This is a project that grew out of CUNY and there relationship with community-based
organization  whose members that have been affected by respond to incidents and valuations
resulting from domestic national security counter terrorism polices and practices

Issues CLEAR has address since it inception in 2009, have included advising community members
of their rights as they respond to requests by FBI interviews during searches by law enforcement
and in the course of overseas travel CLEAR, representatives have offered advice and information around
potential criminal & immigration consequences that may result from national security and counter terrorism  policies and practices

The project is developing strategies & initiatives to address issues that have been affecting  our community & individuals who have been impact by the government war, since 9/11

It was stunning to hear how many people are being impinge on by this issues in a community and to see how.many organization attended  to deal with the injustices by NYPD & FBI

This is a very good Comprehensive Strategy to arm the community with solid information
we have a large battle against us

President Theodore Roosevelt

Declare.This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in
Unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who's on the FBI's Watchlist?

The FBI's list of known or suspected lists includes more than 4000,000 people, about 2%
of them are US. citizens. The FBI say's its watchlists is useful tool for intelligence analysts
but others say it too big to be helpful and endangers the rights of people who may be included without just cause.

What qualifies someone for the lists?

One would never know if they are on the lists -it's classified, people who supect they might be listed without cause.can file a request through the Traveler Redress Inquiry program wedsite

Christoher Calabrese, Legislative counsel at the American Clivil Liberties Union, claims that
the system allows too many people to come under scrutiny and diverts the attention of authorities form real threats, Every day, they are deciding that more and more people are a  threat

Who list  are you on?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Re- Thinking Reentry

We need to be really looking at our criminal justice system. to address the unmet need of Individuals Retuning back into society, and their social connections, because I am seeing this with  some enities.who want to see formerly incarcerated individuals make a successful transition, and over come the challenges and ripple effect one face upon release, and assist with making the transition a successful one

I read a article.Tough Economic Times, Crime Declinces In NYC.

The article statement was. economic hard times and crime declines are felt differently by diffrent neigborhoods and persons in New York City. homelessness is at an all time high. with 28,000 familes
living in city shelters, and recent high-profile shooting are clustered in some City's most vulnerable neigborhoods. Crime or no crime, many New Yorkers are having a tough time these days,
you don't say       

Reentry / to reduce recidivism and to enhance pubice safety   

  • Less likely to have and alcohol history
  • More likely to be umemployed;
  • to be engaged in mental health programs Less involved in support programming, especially drug and alcohol programs & sinifcantly less likely
  • Slighlty more violent in terms of original conviction offense;
More likely to have returned previously on their sentence; and typically out longer than parole
I find it to be a double standard when it come to our justice system

Are they really working to keep individuals home, are they collaboration with the State and the City and other Goverment Agencies, and Organizations. to just save a few. or will we see them implementing some targeted Intervention and Initiatives within the system this year that hard core, that will work for those retuning back into their communities,and neighborhoods that will have a long-term impact on formerly incarcerated individual life, and meaningful service and projects that support family as well 

There no room for conflicts. One Enities of Government Body. can not want to help whlie the other Enities of Government Body, Is coming into a community to do illegally vigorous. just won't work.
If working on reintegration of incarcerated men and women coming back into their communities and families, so their no room for unlawfull act. by our own government. all agencies must work for a greater cause to establish stable and crime-free lives

My life will touch a dozen lives
Before this day is done,
Leave countless marks for good or ill.
Before the setting sun -Anon

A heart touched by grace
Brings joy to the face.

Fear Factor

It Amazes's me how the fear factor can keep people form seeing the whole picture. when I read the story And hear the new about the Newburgh Four/ and not the Newburgh Five. and how a storge worker has Been honored  in June & how in Orange County four have been honor.WOW first on the footstep of City Hall the first week in May,
New York finest was being honored with other that was involved. in this speedy trail

All these award being handed out. before the trail. It just amazes's me

What get me is the FBI keep saying they was in Controlled of the Situation the Whole Time/ key word In Controlled the Whole Time/ None of the Target was ever in Danger, why should it be when they  Creating the Crime and Solving it by Themself. I like to know who being watchful for family & community?

Who going to honored us for the pain,? Who going to honored us for having to deal with the madness?

Who going to `alert the community on the next Shahed Hussain Aka Malik, or the FBI officials coming into a community to set up individual. And can explian there criminally vigorous, Who?  when I am in Court and look behind the Judge, it articulate In God we Turst. at this point must say I  have to turst My God and not Man.

Shahed Hussain, apparently approached other mosques in the lower Hudson Valley beside the one in Newburgh, so that tell me this was part of a campaign. Intended on Promoting Terror and a way to keep Federal Funding Why? on the back of those who can be hoodwink  

The Government  develop this strategies to use people irrational fear subsequent to 9/11
that what they are hoping for to build  and justified  there action's in this case and all the other that sound  the same as this one

God help us all

Friday, October 9, 2009

Presumption of Guilt in Terror Case

This was sent to the Riverdale press

By Tamara Grapek

To the editor:

As I follow the story of the Newburgh Four(men accused of trying to bomb synagogues in Riverdale), I find many things very disturbing

First,that the four financilly struggling individuals were wooed with money and expensive items in exchange for going along with the undercover agent trying to entrap them.

Second, these four individuals seem lacking in competence and the means to plot and carry out such an atrocious act,

Third, that the arresting officers officers were honored with awards in a media event before a trial to establish guilt or inocence in the alleged commission of these crimes,

Fourth, it quite frankly disturbs me that these four men are all dark skinned. Would white terrorsim suspects recive the same treatment as thes four men have?

I want to see justice as mush as anyone else, but let it be clean justice. afther all, our belief in democratic principles defines us as a society. Entrament is worng so is the assumtion of guilt

without a trail. Let the criminal justice system beware it doesn't commit crimes of it own in its zeal to overcome terrorism.

I like to Thank Tamara Grapek, cause there are some people who see this for what it is

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Reporting the News

Emerged as the scene unfolded, were all types of media and news correspondents, who reported live from the scene. Where are they now ?

Apparently, because they know it's Bull S. The Daily news Kerry Willis, reported that IT the "Chicken Defense". Is this a joke.. "The Chicken defense". We have individuals who will be lost once again to the system.

Carrire Melago & Joe Kemp reported that they are "Terrorist Dummies". So who are the Master Mine?
What happened to looking at the social factors & the dynamics surrounding this case, focusing on core issues, and not about them eating at a damn chicken place. Issues that can send them up for life ,what about the young man with the mental health issues who's taking care of his side of the story.
Where's the community on mental health ?Why aren't they making sure he's heard? The nature of the case has created a fear factor and no one stepping up for his civil right.

If you sit in court one can see that neither of these men had the potential to pull this off. Nor the means or the resources, and niether of these men have the skills to run a profitable business. Anyone one with real scense can see these guys are not bright enough to conjure something of this magnitude.

No one asking probing questions? I am encouraging people to ask uncomfortable questions, the ones that jerk the truth. Look pass the stigma that is hovering around this case.

Media need to take a look at how they're report the news. We know your need to sell a news paper but these individuals have families, who doesn't see a damn thing funny think about that when you are thinking up funny headlines. Think about what's happening to a family member or what happening in our community. The FBI can come into a community and map it out and target individuals of color, laying out the framework that encroach on the rights of others and all in a two year process. Yes these individuals play a part only they can answer the question.... why?

Reporting to you live from channel - People speaking out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fifth Man

Project Salam- What is it?

The FBI hires criminals as agents provocateur to infiltrate the Muslim community. Once amongst the religious groups the informant sets out to turn American citizen into doing illegal activities. He will feed them lies about unjust events happenin.g in their countries. He offers many things, gifts, money, friendship and all the while being deceitful and using trickery along with being manipulative.

This is not a made up scenarios of conspiracy. You have seen this in action you just Don't " know it, and if you haven't here's a story for you that I wish was fiction.

Shahed Hussian: Code Name:Malik (The Fifth Man)

Shahed went to jail in 2002 for fraud, He mustered up a scam targeting foreigners who wanted to take the writing test at DMV. He told 90 people that the test was hard and that he could help them pass by taking it for them. He also owned a 99 cent store and was filing for bankruptcy.Shahed copped a deal with police to be apart of their little project. Salam in return keeping him out of prison. Shahed help police by fabricating and exaggerating the words of defendants, taking all the positive things they said about their religions and turning it into a negative. This operation worked on many occasion keeping him in the clear. Shahed set up another man, before he got to the Newburgh four.

4 Year ago in Albany a man named Mohammed Hossain, pizzeria owner and father of six met Shahed because of friend of his wanted to acquire a motor vehicles license. Shahed persauded Hossin to launder $50,000 to buy missiles that will be used to assistant the prime minister of Pakistan. Like many others this set up worked leaving Hossain 15 years to face in jail. Just like the Four, Hossian thought he was given a partner/ friend to relay on instead he got prayed upon.

The second group is the New burgh four who are not facing the same sentence as Hossian but much worse, they are facing LIFE! Let look at what a 1984 report from the U.S House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights. concluded; Because federal agents create crime, rather than merely detect it, they hold the POWER to create the Appearance of Guilt
Any of the Values Reflected in our Constitution are directly Threatened by these Operations

We were invite to speck on August 9th, about the impact this have been having on our lives and the Implications it has for Freedom and Civil Liberties for us all.

this act was Philosophically Immoral, How do we allow Politicians to manipulate and speculate a platform that illegal

Wake up Community were is the momentum of an entire culture

Meeting at WESPAC: Policy of entrapment

A meeting was held on the issue at hand. A group named WESPAC called the meeting in White plane so they could address some of the issues facing this cases at hand and show these families that they are not alone in the fight for In justice. WESPAC rep, spoke out on the act of entrapment by the U.S. military force and government. WESPAC feels that these entrapment's are illegal and are targeting people of color and in low income communities.

WESPAC is taking a stand to oppose FBI entrapment and to make it so no one else becomes a victim to there own government.

At the meeting The family of David Williams spoke out on about the roller coaster ride they are emotionally on. Aunt Alicia MC Williams (blogger), His mother spoke on the jolt her family is feeling by this tragedy. People watch the news and hear what the major has to say about "New burgh Four" and make the judgements with no hesitation. Not many think about the families behind the men. Alicia also spoke about the ride they are on, she expresses that it's not over yet. She tells the listeners about the phone call she got from her sister (Davids mom) at four in the morning, stating that someone had broke into her house. One would advise to call the police... It was the police! Coming from the trees, roof tops, armored trucks and unmarked vans. It seemed like a scene out of an action movie. The news was already running the story when Ms. MC Williams turned on her T.V, she couldn't not believe the faces she saw but even more so, she couldn't believe the government was behind it all.

"New burgh is a small deprived county. I don't understand how the FBI picked that county and that Mosque." said Ms.MC Williams. Families expressed how the informant pick New burgh and these four men because they were unskilled and uneducated. The major labeled these men master minds of terror, but the newspapers call them petty criminals, mucks, idiots and dummies. Commissioner Kelly said in a press conference and I quote: "They were all Petty criminals"

What stuns me is that it was all over in twenty five minutes but then again Homeland, security and the FBI had orchestrated how long they wanted this ordeal to last. It was like Cut and Action! The Rabbi was called for a meeting Det. Rodriguez from the 50 Th precinct, but this was a brief moment, in which they made him aware of the plot. But this meeting was called at the end of the plot and after a year of surveillance. Last minute to save lives? Law enforcement agents waited around for a year until the plot reached it's mark and their evidence would be solid.

Mr. Kelly said the men bought bombs from the informant...How do men with not even a pot to piss in, afford bombs and stingers. The informant was the one waving the money around and now he's is the one with a ton of things to say.

Fear Factor: The government retaliating against their own nation , The increase of police presents!

A counsel member say he thinks their community needs more protection and he thinks they'll get it now. But what about the Urban communities? from informants, plots, and pimps for the government. I haven't heard any word on the protection of we the people! Who is looking out for us? Or do we not count?

Friday, June 5, 2009

The few who see it for what it is.

There are a few organizations that see this for what it is and are reaching out with supporting hands and helpful words. They also have Concern on how the FBI cultivated a plot for one year in the most economical depressed areas in the country. These individuals feel that if we start addressing the real issues, like justice and equality for individuals re-entering back into society.
An initiative like Visions Beyond the Walls will help with the safety and successful reconnection's back into communities. This program will help with the capacity to deliver effective services to their reentry population as well as meet standards of performance and accountability.
In New York state 93 percent of incarcerated people are black and Latino. The majority come from New York city. The city's seven most impoverished neighborhoods are Harlem, the South Bronx, the Lower East side Bed ford-Stuyvesant, Jamaica, East New York, Ocean hill and Brownsville. It's extraordinarily difficult for black and Latinos with a prison recorder to establish themselves once they leave prison.
A Princeton University sociology released a study in 2005 that showed how it is easy for a white male with criminal conviction to get a job in New York city than it would be for a black male with a record. Another study states that 46 percent of black males in New York are unemployed.
The crisis of recidivism has become increasingly dire, as men and woman with criminal convictions have few if any prospects for employment, housing, and emotional support when they leave prison. Nationwide approximately 630,000 individuals reenter the community each month and within three years they are incarcerated.
Vision Beyond the Walls wants to be that model that will help with employment as individuals come home. We know the deck of cards are stacked against them. They encounter guilt, lack of education and lack of skills. Despite there efforts to make a better life for themselves.
Vision Beyond the Walls is strongly needed in Newburgh!!!

Looking at the real issues

Has the community got so blinded that we don't look at social issues that effects our communities. I have been listening to so many opinions people being so judgemental, calling them dirt bags, scum bags and low life's. The Newburg four wasn't angels people said, but, I say neither was the informant and the FBI. everyone is looking at what was done and has over looked the scenario created that has been created by the government to place fear in a community. I still have to ask how did they pick a small mosque in Newburg to enlist individuals? Why not the mosque in Harlem? Why not the Mosque in Brooklyn? better yet why did he not stake out the Jewish Temple. Now I am not wishing this on these places but one must ask the hidden questions. It is stated that the informant staked out the Newburg mosque for as long as two years to entice a violent plot. Will we hear how this was initiated? I do doubt that they will play the tape of the informant speaking on the plot. To tell you the truth they might cut and paste the recording to fit the case.
The real question is how did it come to this? Why would the FBI target the Jewish community? And to the Jewish community I feel you are victims as well as my family.You are being used in a dangerous game that is shaking your community. Scaring your families, making you feel as if people are out to bring destruction to you and your beliefs.Our own government is creating wolves to send your way, ask yourself who are the masterminds?Why would the government want you afraid? They are leaving you with the distorted image of fellow Americans.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A thief comes only to kill steal and destroy.

How do you report a government agent to the government?

Why did the government come into a small community looking for ex-offenders and created a scenario to blame on them. Is not the statment of protect and serve pronounced by the government and justice department? Do ex-offenders fall into the protect and serve catogory? These are questions that need to be asked by the family, friends and others in the community who have experienced links to the prison system.

I believe the situation with my nephew David Williams is the fault of the government and their agents who wrote the path he and others followed. I believe they should also go down with the ship, there was criminal activity done by the FBI to entrap these individuals.

David had re-entered society after a life of tough and not always kosher deccisions. He like many others had chosen a relious path when he entered and exited the prision system. I and many others feel this was his what the un-named agent ran with.

The justice and corrections system has a structure byline that they try up hold to better re-entry for ex-offenders. To release them back into society with a better chance at a new beginning, or so I've read. The following is research I have done, Notes if you will; that I have taken from the re-entry policy council:

*To extinguish the risk of ex-offending individuals falling into habit they want to feed the need.What is the need? Education? Jobs? Counseling? Very little services are offered for these lost souls. They will surely grow into habit if they are pushed into havok. So i say in this and many other cases the policy has failed.

*Increase positive reinforcement, HA! Double minded I say! How can you say you want to place a positive pillar for these ex-offenders to stand up against, in hopes to lead them on a straight path. Yet their own government has set them up for a down fall...labeled them even in their time of self discovery. These people are crackheads, drug dealers, prostitutes, Gang bangers, THUGS! We know them as sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, children to the lord all in the same light. The tainting of our community is being avowed, will you let it happen?

This philosopy would be a pro,but it's own government has ingnored it and set his own views into play. There is a risk principle, they should be prioritizing supervised treatment, enhancing intrinsic motivation, and skilled training with congnitive behavioral treatment methods avaibible for our ex-offenders (family members to most of us.)Communties and families are being divided and like David they just fall victum to their own government. They called them the most dangerous dummies! Is that it or the most mislead victums. They are not innocent in this but will not fall alone!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A community coming together.

Hello my name is Alicia McWilliams-McCullum. I'm the aunt of the accused terrorist David Williams. Like many of our young men my nephew has experienced the prison system and when he heard of a program I developed called Vision Beyond The Walls (Post-Incarceration Resurrection) , he like many others wanted to further understand my views. I then explained: Vision Beyond The Walls mission is to enhance the quality of life for formerly incarcerated individual and their communities in order to facilitate a transition from incarceration to re-entry into society thru a transitional training live in site. Vision Beyond The Walls will work in conjunction with state and local agencies to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to revitalizing the lives of formally incarcerated individuals.
Clever right! I developed this mission in 2006 and have been working on it in a devoted fashion ever since. I have created my own surveys and have hit the streets with them to find out how mass incarceration effects a community and family as a whole. I have made it my business to help our people and believe no community should be left behind. Vision Beyond the Walls mantra is
T-Team work
The philosophy will be:
Thru Integrity,Motivation,Team work,Trust,Excellence, and Respect, I will rise beyond my fear find my path Achieve great success because

My nephew thought this was a great idea he like many others was interested in the vision and mission. Stumbling through life like many of us do he got caught up in the web. I ask myself If your working for change how can something like this happen to someone in your family?

Don't read this, and in your mind form some sort of fictitious monster whom you will say I blame for my nephews convictions look the horse in the mouth and take a look at what is happening to our family it could easily happen to yours.The seed is being planted into the heart of communities big and small.The government is making scenarios and problems to solve. Is this what the future holds for our communities , the government praying on those unskilled. A future where they target ex-offenders. Sending informants into a small urban community with the complexity of impoverishment on families.